It’s All About The Attitude

Hi Everybody,

Attitude is truly everything. It’s as important as the weather. Talking it is considered small talk, but weather is extremely vital to us! It determines what we’re wearing, where we’re going, and how we’re getting there! Attitude is a lot like that. A bad attitude can be change a sunny day into a wet one in a real hurry. But a good attitude attracts abundance. I like abundance!

So attitude is important. We’ve all heard about attitude adjustments. When I hear this phrase, I think of someone wagging a finger at me making a demand. I don’t want to be told what to do…even if ‘they’re’ right! So my version of an attitude adjustment is referred to as #whatelsecangoright?! It’s basically the same thing, but it sounds like a lot more fun, and it is! And I choose it. This is not a should!

Once my husband and I adjusted our attitudes and began focusing on what was going right, lots of stuff changed. I began calling myself a Life Coach, and by golly, folks asked me to help. Then I got a job as a Life Coach and began teaching others how to focus their minds on the upswing. I like to remind them to be a trout swimming downstream, not a salmon swimming up. The visual does the trick. Goin’ with the flow takes on a new meaning too! And it makes so much sense. Best part? It’s easy once you get the hang of it.

But how do you turn a really crappy thing into a something going right? Glad you asked. I believe everything has a purpose, a place in the scheme of things, a hidden meaning even. Getting a diagnosis of a terminal illness does NOT feel like something is going right. But when that person changes their lifestyle, refuses to accept a death sentence, proves the doctors wrong, and lives in good health to tell the tale…isn’t that a #whatelsecangoright?! moment? Many survivors will say that their diagnosis was the best thing that ever happened to them, because they made those important changes, beginning with their attitude. I don’t mean to make light of serious business, but I need to make a point of how powerful our minds are.

The universe works in subtle ways to provide. When my husband, as an exchange student in Peru, was $50 short for a train ticket, he was disappointed and let down. But when he found out that that same train was blown up by rebels, and everyone on it was killed, he realized how the universe protected him. When I am delayed at the airport, traffic, whatever, I now see it as a safety mechanism keeping me out of harm’s way. I now choose to see it as a message and not an inconvenience.

So I urge you to see what’s going right. Let the universe bring more of that your way. See how adjusting your attitude, your way of thinking, your perspective changes circumstances, end results, and bottom lines. This stuff works! The Law of Attraction brings you what you think about. What you think about long enough becomes a belief. Think wisely. Until next time…

Be one with the trout,


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