ResistanceIIHey Everybody,

I’ve had this website, or the shell of a website, since March of last year. I’ve been thinking about blogging…that’s such a funny word…blogging. And I couldn’t relate to it. I have been resistant to blogging and sharing my words. It’s easy to share others’ cliches, taglines, quotes, but I didn’t think I was a ‘blogger’.

I realized…drum roll…I was overthinking this whole thing. Blogging is writing. I love writing. I have lots to say. I talk to people everyday. It’s my job to talk to people. So what’s the big deal? There isn’t one. Resistance comes from my fear of success. Why would I be afraid of success? Good question. It’s silly, and I am no longer going to buy in to this silly notion. I can be myself. Blogging is freedom. Freedom is awesome. So I have now officially begun my blog. And I ask, What Else Can Go Right?! Everything. Bring it on. Here we go!


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