Living Sober in a Drunk World

With tensions high for everything under the sun, “I need a drink” could not be more pertinent! But what good would that do? After putting down the booze more than 28 years ago, I’m not about to let a presidential election, vagina hats, or the fact that taxation is theft threaten my sobriety!

But it’s hard sometimes to stay sane while others lubricate themselves with various concoctions of temporary bliss. And then I remember my attitude. What Else Can Go Right?! is all about just that. I attended a party the other evening where a lot of folks were partaking in a mind-altering pot luck, but I didn’t need anything but my own personality and witty sense of humor – something I was convinced I would lose when I got clean – to have fun! And I could remember exactly what I did (and did not do!!) They all kept it together; I would have caused a scene in the old days, and we had the best time!

So as life continues to throw me curve balls, I remind myself and YOU that your attitude determines your future. For me, sobriety is the cornerstone of examining my motives, letting my conscience be my guide, and always doing my best. While the world continues to get drunk, I will remain sober, alert, and ready to face it all. And I will continue to use this strategy everyday with the school kids I interact with and the clients that I coach. And besides, the alternative stinks! #whatelsecangoright?!

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