Paying It Forward in My Community

FelixTheCatFor me, there is nothing more rewarding than helping someone in need. I live in a community where we count on each other for moral and other supports. It brings me much pleasure to know that I can help people work out problems with a positive attitude, reasonable solutions, and consistent feedback. Our beliefs include liberty and freedom, and freedom from pain, anxiety, depression, and over-all ill-will is priceless. I live in Manchester, NH and have never felt more at home anywhere, and I have lived in many places. I believe that Life Coaching is therapeutic in it’s own right, but it’s different from therapy in that I help you focus on your strengths and build you up from there. Focusing on what is wrong gets you more of that. Worrying is a waste time, so if there’s something you can do, I will help you find the way to do it. My approach is called What Else Can Go Right?! I have found all types of clients find the results they desire. I feel like Felix The Cat. I have a bag of tricks, but of course, they’re really not tricks. They are practical strategies that take you on a step-process from blah to fabulous in no time! Reach out to me at or PM me on Facebook at If you are local, I can come to you, you can come to me, or we can even Skype or Facetime. Feel better now!

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