The Magic Green Cloth

greenclothBack in January, 2012, my husband and I took a vacation to Belize. Now the first interesting thing about this trip, is that I let my husband plan it! For someone who likes to control, this was an exercise in patience. Like many trips, you run into hiccups, and ours began in the Charlotte, NC airport. Our flight had a delay, or some such thing, and I began to complain. My husband decided that we needed a plan to assure we had a great time and maintained a good attitude. He said, “What if we started saying, What Else Can Go Right and see how the Universe responds”? As Law of Attraction enthusiasts, this seemed like a no-brainer! I admit, I was still skeptical and would have rather demand better service, but I gave it a shot anyway.

My husband announced that we would be having to take a bus to our cabana resort in the jungle and would need to catch a ride from Belize City airport to the bus station. Once I got over the idea of taking a bus in a third-world-county, a gentleman began talking to us in line in Charlotte. It turned out that his friend was picking him up and providing a ride into Belize City, where he lived, and offered us a ride to the bus station. We immediately looked at each other, and in unison said, “What Else Can Go Right?!” He did indeed give us a ride, but once there, I became increasingly uncomfortable. A taxi driver in a nice van seemed to zero in on us, and he came to our rescue. He offered us a ride to our destination and threw in a tour along the way. My husband did the calculations and found it to be a great deal and saved us the bus trip. What Else Can Go Right?!

OK, so here’s where it gets interesting. We get to the “resort” to find that the reservation had us coming in March! I felt myself tensing up; it was dusk now, and we are in the jungle! I focused on the orange iguanas in the trees and just kept saying WECGR in my head while my husband negotiated. Low and behold, Mike next door had a beautiful resort on the river and few customers. He honored the same rate and even threw in a private chef! Wow! This stuff really works! And Mike’s place blew away the first one!

As our trip went on, we had plenty of opportunities to put WECGR to the test. Our second stop was to the deeper jungle, where we had many wonderful adventures, met people from all over the world, tested fate a couple of times, and wrestled with what Mother Nature threw at us. Each time, we came out better on the other side. It was really getting interesting now. If you want to really experience a new place, get out there among the locals and dig in.

Our last stop was the beach, but getting there was harrowing to say the least. Between the rising river and navigating the rope bridge with our luggage, it was touch and go for a while. But we got out in the nick of time WECGR?! Finally, we had our toes in the sand! The proprietor of our tiny cabin was wonderful and gave us the “lay of the land”. The following day, I fell asleep in the sun, and you guessed it….I got burned! It was a long night. The following day, we borrowed a couple of rickety bikes and took a trip down a dirt road into the wild blue yonder. I mentioned to my husband, “Dave, I wish I had brought a shawl or something to cover my shoulders with; they really hurt!” Wait for it…as we turned the corner, there on a bush was piece of bright green material, the exact color of my dress, the exact size I needed to tie around my shoulders, and the exact weight to be cool! I fell off the bike! This was beyond WECGR, it was a miracle!

That cloth has become the cornerstone of a new way of thinking for both of us, and the direction of my life coaching. I have it right on my nightstand to remind me that miracles indeed happen every day if we allow them to manifest in our lives. I continue to harness this energy and practice it myself. I look forward to guiding you down a path that tells a great story as well. See you soon!

2 thoughts on “The Magic Green Cloth

  1. I love the frank honesty you offer of your life journey towards sobriety and the years of recognizing the need to change towards a positive energy human -allowing yourself to open up to new ways of thinking.. even though it is scary .. we all need to do more of this!
    The green cloth is just a beautiful story of positive affirmation and what that can bring into your life.
    Great pictures! You truly have learned how to live your life to its fullest and trust it will all work out.. Now if only more of us readers could do the same… your encouragement is intriguing – intoxicating! LOL
    Beautiful website Jennifer! Congratulations on this new journey in your practice – you are so very needed out there..


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