Therapy Pets…Aren’t They All?

There has been a lot of talk about service/therapy animals of late, but I am not here to talk about that specifically. I am here to tell you that pets are therapeutic in their own right. I sometimes work with individuals on the Autism Spectrum who often do not like interacting with people. Let’s face it, we can all need a break from other people sometimes! Pets provide companionship, comfort, friendship, and a kind of love that is almost indescribable. Anyone who has had a pet that they have cared for, nurtured, and welcomed into their family knows what I mean.

Taking care of a pet is a serious commitment, but the rewards are immeasurable. Whether you pay big bucks for a special breed or adopt at your local shelter, love is love. Our cat (see below) MJ, is a 10-year-old rescue. She is a love-bug, pain in the neck, and a beloved family member. She expresses her love to us on a daily basis. Yes, pets truly become part of our family and deserve the same consideration and level of care we provide each other. And if that is not up-to-par, please be open to remedying that. Pets also make us laugh, and that is my favorite aspect of pet ownership. They have a way of turning our negative attitudes completely around with their magic! #whatelsecangoright?!

*Note: Before getting a pet, be sure you are ready for the responsibility and commitment. If you teach your kids young to take care of their pet(s), these skills will lend themselves to their future in adulthood.


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