Hi!  I’m Jennifer Narby.  I love helping people overcome their anxiety and learn to live happier, more fulfilling lives.

For my entire adult life, I’ve been the “camp counselor” for my friends and family.  They trusted me to help them because they knew me as someone who truly cared, and because I’ve been actively involved in self-help and self improvement my entire life.  This was because of the numerous challenges life threw my way which I needed to meet and overcome.

About 12 years ago I decided to go “Pro” and got my MA in Mental Health Counseling from Brooklyn College.  Since then, I’ve worked in LGBT counseling, addictions, dual diagnoses, and with Autism spectrum individuals – but eventually settled on Life Coaching as my preferred method of getting people the help they need.  Coaching celebrates what’s going right in someone’s life! #whatelsecangoright?!

My focus is on reducing anxiety, utilizing life skills, job coaching, seeing IMMEDIATE improvement, and achieving and maintaining positive momentum.  The goal is for you to either never need my services again, or only have to check back for occasional “tune-ups”.

I work with all types of folks, but my focus is on:  Eliminating anxiety in teens, families, couples, parents; dealing with loss/grief, transforming traumatic memories into positive new associations, and administering support groups of various kinds.

Please check my testimonials page, I’m sure I can be of help!


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