Q:  What’s the difference between therapy and life coaching?
A:  It really depends on the individual’s perception.  They are certainly both therapeutic in their own rights, but therapy is often sought out from the viewpoint of fixing something that’s not working, usually because of something that happened in the past.  Coaching, at least what I practice, focuses on what is going right in an individual’s life, works in the present and toward a more productive future.  Often, therapy and coaching come together collaboratively in exciting ways! For anyone with anxiety particularly, helping them find their strengths and building their esteem is important.  Great things begin to happen.  Relaxing becomes an option.  Living in the solution is a reality.  Being happy is a natural way of life.

Q:  Where do you practice?
A:  My coaching method is unique in that I like to keep things casual.  Since Covid, my practice has become a remote operation. If the client is local to New Hampshire, I will allow the client to choose the meeting place.  It can range from a library, to a cafe, or a walk in the park.  My aim is to de-stigmatize the clinical setting and meet the client where they are.  If meeting with me causes my client stress or anxiety, then I have missed the mark.  I want my clients to leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to change their lives for the better.  There is nothing more important than feeling good!

Q:  What is results-based life coaching?
A:  Results matter!  I make sure my clients, get the results they are looking for.  We do this by getting clear about what they are trying to accomplish.  I help them find value in the goals they set.  The more value, the better the outcome.  Anything begun with positive intent yields much better results.  Isn’t it easier doing something when you know why you are doing it? I think so too!

Q:  Will life coaching motivate me?
A:  No.  But it will inspire you to motivate yourself.  There is a misconception that we can motivate others.  We can force, manipulate, and coerce, but we cannot motivate…we can only inspire.  And besides, don’t you want to be able to motivate yourself long after  coaching is over?  Yes.

Q:  What happens in a coaching session?
A:  I let the client determine the path of each session.  It is my responsibility to help move in a forward, positive, and results-oriented direction.  Each session builds on the one before.  I keep you busy, having fun, with productive suggestions and hands-on projects.  I also help you decide what it is that you want (a sometimes daunting feat), and if you are willing to do whatever it takes to get it, than coaching is for you.

A:  How long are coaching sessions?
Q:  Typically they are one hour, once a week.  But again, I let the client determine the course of action.  Some weeks may require a longer meeting, and if time permits, that will be honored.  I like to offer more flexibility for my clients so that they know they are being heard when they need it most.

A:  What is required of me?
Q:  Come with an open mind and heart.  Be prepared to be wowed! Be ready to feel better and achieve your goals.  Be willing to leave the past in the past and focus on a wonderful new adventure called life.

A:  What does it cost?
Q:  Please refer to my Fees page for details.

Q: Do you offer discounts?
A: Please refer to my Fees page for details.

Q:  Do you offer remote coaching?
A:  Yes, we offer sessions via Zoom or Skype.