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“You got through to my daughter when none of us could! Thank  you so much Jennifer!”

Trudy, a grateful mom

“Jennifer helped my son through coaching, and then me through facilitating a support group.  With my son, she was one of the first people at the time to connect with him at all.  He had this wall up, and there were very few people he was able to connect with.  So to say we were pleased is an understatement for sure!  For me, the parent support group has been a lifeline for my family, as I learned more each time how to interact with our child, and probably more importantly, accept him for who he is.  Her positive attitude and insight into those with ASD has been so important in this path that we have been faced with.  Thank you Jennifer!”

June, another grateful mom and parent group member

“I’ve known Jennifer for a few years since beginning her coaching here in our community.  She has helped me solve a few problems individually and as a couple.  She is positive and upbeat with a truly helpful nature.  She’s been there for me when I needed someone to confide in.  Jennifer is easy to talk to, a good listener, and if she says she can do it, she will!  Jennifer is also a cool lady to hang with!”

– Chris, Manchester NH

“Thank you Jennifer for being among those who have helped guide me as I begin this journey into sobriety.  You brought order to the chaos, and I am so grateful.  You have helped me set priorities, better manage my life, and learn to have fun again.  And thank you for sharing your experience, strength, and hope with me. “
– Steve, Manchester NH

“With such a wide range of mottoes and motivational phrases in her vocabulary, it’s no wonder Jennifer has been a positive force in people’s lives long before she took to coaching professionally.  For someone as dedicated as she is to maintaining a positive attitude, it’s second nature for her to help others and extend that reach far and wide.  This highly contagious disposition only leads to a more genuine and organic experience in her presence and under her care.  Jennifer’s goal-oriented focus and positivity can be applied to any number of individuals seeking real change in their lives as she helps build the framework and plan the steps necessary to reach new limits in her clients’ futures.  Whether you’re in a life-long rut or simply crave a new outlook, Jennifer has the time-tested solutions one might feel eludes them, and can help establish new and healthy habits to last a lifetime.  What Else Can Go Right?!”
– Rosa Crow, life-long client

“Jennifer has been a delight to work with from day one.  She is a perfect guide for me, in working with folks with Asperger Syndrome that I have worked with, to assist in becoming work ready and being able to obtain a job.   Her life skills techniques really work!  I highly recommend Jennifer.”
-Gail A. Sederquest
Owner/Job Developer

“The 2009 depression affected many including me.  I had been laid off and couldn’t find long term work, we were losing our home, and a divorce followed, all in rapid succession.  My regular calls with Jennifer Narby helped me through this challenging period.  She would listen and would offer solid feedback that would help me understand what I was feeling at the time or that I wasn’t the only one feeling victimized.  Her positive, straight-forward attitude helped me realize that I could rise above being a victim of circumstances and her slogan of “What else can go right?” was hard to swallow in the beginning but slowly helped me in finding my way back to normalcy.  This didn’t happen overnight but she was a regular and constant beacon of light in this journey.  She continues to help me on a regular basis.  I would highly recommend Jennifer Narby as a life coach.”
–Ann Sunde

“Having just became interested in AANE life coaching, I was incredibly lucky to have Jennifer as my coach in 2014. Jennifer just became a life coach there, and I was her first client. I was struggling with college and for the next four years, Jennifer gave me tremendous support as I got back on my feet and finished my degree. I am extremely grateful for her help during those years; it is really amazing just knowing how much she and I both learned together. Due to her outstanding work, Jennifer went from having just one client to several dozen! So, if she tells you to remember the four agreements, do it! Her advice is ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL and it WILL help you succeed!”

–Tyler G.

cat-tiger-getiegert-feel-at-home-160722.jpegAbove is a picture of a happy cat I came across.  I included it because it was so cute, and is a good example of my What Else Can Go Right?! philosophy! : )