The Power of Words

PositiveWordsIIMy husband and I have always been very interested in the usage of the English language; he even got a a degree in it. So many of the phrases we often say are actually working against us, and we didn’t even realize. Just the other day, I looked over at our white board, and under several goals, I had written Get Happy. I was bowled over! I immediately erased get and replaced with be. Be Happy is the way to go. We must learn to be happy in the first place in order for the Universe to provide more Happy.

As a Life Coach, I often amaze myself at what I miss in the world. My husband and I were having a discussion just this morning about some plans we are making. He said, “What have we got to lose? He immediately realized how counter-productive that was, so he changed it to, “What have we got to gain?” Amazing! That lead to several other re-writes: What’s the best that can happen? The best case scenario. I’m sure there are many more, and feel free to comment below the blog; I would love to hear from you. I live for these ah hah moments, and I hope you do too! Everyday is a new learning experience; it’s never over! That used to sound like bad news but not anymore.

So as you go about your day(s), keep and eye and ear open to what is being said…often to yourself. This is likened to positive affirmations that many folks have used to actually heal themselves of terminal illness. Our language, and its usage, is very important. Choose it and use it wisely. Peace.


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